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Dewatapoker.co – Our Company Vision

Our Vision is to continuously deliver unique, innovative and cutting-edge marketing and business ideas, advice and solutions to help our business partners succeed on their biggest goals and dreams.
Our Company Core Values


Relationships are #1.

The Why: As humans, all of us thrive on great, healthy relationships. Whether with God, our spouse, our children, our colleagues, friends or anyone else you love and care for. We respect and value those relationships and it is our top priority as a company to build clients for life by fostering dynamic relationships with our employees, clients and community.

Excellence, nothing less.

The Why: Success demands excellence. You can’t afford to shortcut excellence in branding, marketing, PR, customer service… From the top down, we are passionate about pursuing and being excellent in everything we do as a company and for our clients, in every aspect of those partnerships. Excellence in the BIG (and small alike) sets us apart – and always will – from our competition. It’s not a tagline for us… we truly are passionate about being excellent in everything.

Lead with Value and Create Dynamic Value.

The Why: Well, in this one, let us explain what we mean by “Dynamic Value.” By increasing the quality and innovation in our value offering (products and services) while simultaneously lowering the costs to our clients and delivering on a unique experience, we create a Dynamic Value offering that is second to none in the marketplace. We also aim to add value to anyone who contacts us with a question or inquiry. We are committed to adding value first before asking for or expecting any monetary payment from anyone.

Exceptional Communication is Critical.

The Why: In any relationship, and especially our employee, peer and client relationships, timely, responsive communication is critical to success; open, sincere and honest communication as a discipline and daily practice will produce the best, most healthy and vibrant relationships. We endeavor to excel in excellent communication. Don’t be afraid to speak honestly with us… we won’t with you and you can bank on that.

Caring for Others is a Non-Negotiable.

The Why: We live in a world of need. Every day we could be consumed with it. Need is everywhere so when it is in our power to care for someone else in need, whatever that may be, as a corporate team and as individuals, we promise to be conscious and mindful of those needs and to do what is in our power to meet them. In short, we will be actively and pro-actively involved in our community.

Time is a Precious Commodity.

The Why: Last minute is gone… you don’t get it back and there are so many distractions sparring for our time. We value and respect everyone’s time; it is okay to expect that your time be treasured at all times; you can never recover yesterday (and we know tomorrow is never guaranteed) so we strive to make the most of every day we have for our clients and in our personal lives!

The Pursuit of Excellence Never Ends.

The Why: Just as life is a process, so too is the pursuit of excellence in one’s chosen field. We aim to be experts in what we do and we are constantly learning and searching the horizon for new strategies that will help our clients stay on the cutting-edge and thrive greatly in their business!
Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge, advice and innovative solutions – both creative and technological – to help them efficiently and successfully stand out online and in their local marketplace with a 5-Star Reputation — and in ways that produce measurable results, increased sales, ROI and most importantly, greater predictability and profitability in their business.

Tall order? Sure but our name isn’t Think Big Digital Marketing for no reason! Call us today, you’ll be glad you did.
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